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Pomme Chan

Born and educated in Bangkok, Pomme Chan completed a BA in Interior Design and joined DY&R and Grey before relocating to the UK to focus on her interest in graphic design.

After studying graphic design at the London College of Communication Advertising, she worked in the magazine industry and later became a freelance illustrator.

In the span of just 3 years, Pomme has developed campaigns for a diverse list of clients including Mercedes-Benz, Freya Lingerie and Southern Comfort, with work featuring in the Telegraph Newspaper, IDN Magazine, Fashion Inc. and AllAccess - among others.


Heisuke Kitazawa


Yehrin Tong


Darla Tessler


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Theo Ellsworth


Aaron Piland

Aaron Piland is a full time illustrator, artist, problem solver, and explorer of the imagination. He can be found tucked away among the trees of Portland Oregon working away to make dreams come true with his lovely wife Ayumi and pup Ocho.

His work can be seen in various news, business, and technology magazines including: Newsweek, Wired, Popular Science, Premier, Spin, Ready Made, HOW, Business2.0, PC Magazine, Business Week, Fast Company, Electronic Gaming Monthly, Computer Gaming, GQ, Fortune, Revenue, Nickelodeon Magazine, Disney Adventures, Sync, Portland Monthly, Boston Magazine, The San Francisco Chronicle, and The New York Times Play Magazine.


Tye Sok Kuan


The Krah

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Simon Noynay


Eduardo Berton


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The History of Visual Communication


Muro Gatti

Muro Gatti is one of the youngest and talented italian designers of the moment. He was the first one to have his portfolio on some of the most important design’s portals during the advent of digital art and webdesign as a new graphic experimentation. Drawing fantastic and ironic illustrations and animations for Web, advertising and television, in few years time he found his place in between international italian designers. Mauro was able to create a personal style, serious but ironic and funny at the same time, quite unique and up to multiple interpretations. The first reaction, looking at his at his work, might be a smile; but behind it it is possible to see a entire world of structured ideas and strong messages. His studio, Mutado, is located in Milan and London.


Interview: http://compoundgallery.com/artists/2008/Sayaka.php

Site: http://pine.chu.jp/pine/page/1.html

Trish Grantham


Trish Grantham a self-taught painter and emerging Northwest artist, has truly captured our imagination with her playful works. Using a variety of media and acrylic paint on wood panels, Grantham paints a cast of doe-eyed, cartoon-like characters: Bunny, Robot-Panda, Girl, Carl the Squirrel, Think-Monster, Toast, Birds, and more populate her surfaces. The simple lines and stylized characters parallel Japanese anime, and the fantasy world they inhabit is wholly original. Appearing alternately wistful, pensive, punch-drunk, in love, or troubled, these characters play out classic themes of good versus evil, and romantic love. Often surrounded by cartoonish action-lines, scrawled text, or schoolgirlish hearts, they engage in mysterious antics over complex, mixed-media backgrounds. Cumulous clouds in washes of pale blues, greens, or pinks drift behind the characters which create a dreamy, pensive backdrop to the works. Like a Japanese manga series, these works pull the viewer into their quirky world. The plotlines, however, are left to the viewers own imagination.

Evan B Harris


Kubota Mari

"Born in 1977. Graduated from information design department from art school in Kyoto. Started working as an illustrator in 2003 and passed FM802 art audition in 2004. Involved in Shinsaibashi Sony Tower exhibition. Currently creating dolls, picture books and postcards for her original brand, "marie" Also working on United Arrows' 2004 "another edition" project. Her art works inclues everything from, highly unique female figure, authentic drawing style and illustrative dolls."

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Martha Sue Harris


Gregory Euclide


"I don't change what the work is about from week to week. It has always been about the same thing: Experiencing the space around us. As far as starting the work, I always start very abstractly, making general outlines for spaces. Then, it becomes a matter of building up the surface and defining certain areas of growth and decay. The whole process usually happens in one or two days.

I am satisfied when I can sit there and watch it, like one would watch the ocean or a river. Music is very important to the work. I have to start off with something that is going to get things moving (Pedro, I'm Not a Gun, Four Tet) . Because I work for 8 or so hours straight on a work, it is important to match the energy levels with appropriate music. I might start off with a City Center Office and finish with a Kranky or 12K. The music often drives the work to a certain place. I like music more than visual art... possibly because I could never really play piano, or because it is just more flowing. I try to capture the feeling I get while listening to a certain work... Or... the feeling I get when walking through a forest... it is the same feeling.. and it comes out in the work as a flowing mess of tiny scenes and diagrams. The first two to three hours of working on a painting are pretty fun. It is like a dance.... and everything is unfolding before me on this sheet of paper.. and that is why it gets done again... because that experience of making the landscapes in the image of music and thinking about the history of the space and putting that together with the present ..... nice."



Cristine Cambrea



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David Horvath - Uglydoll


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Pablo Gamba


Tiffany Bozic


Having grown up on a farm in Arkansas, she was inspired by the natural world at an early age. Blending her external observations with the internal world has led her to refine a distinct style. Her work often incorporates richly pigmented acrylic paint on solid maple wood panels. She is said to be inspired by John James Audubon and Ernst Haeckel, but dives more deeply into the imaginary and darker aspects of the natural world. Bozic views the making of art as a kind of therapeutic process - a way to make sense of the world, of her relationship to life as it unfolds, of its power over us, and perhaps most importantly, of our power over it. Currently based in Oakland, California, she has shown in galleries throughout the United States and Europe, and spoken at the 2007 Semi Permanent International Arts and Design Conference in Sydney, Australia. Her artwork has been published in magazines such as Flaunt, Fourteen Hills, and Alarm. Tiffany participated in the California Academy of Sciences Artist in Residence program from November 2006-2007.



Aksyuki Hime


Tiffany Liu


Diego Lara


Diego lara (ambato, 1972), ecuadorian writer and graphic artist, has published a chapbook, EVA MEDUSA (Eskeletra, 2000, Quito - Ecuador) and has done collaborations with art and culture magazines and websites. He has begun new personal projects, textual, graphic and motion worlds. NEUROPUERTO is the master site of graphic and textual work, mostly based in sensations of lost innocence and disconcerting ideas. POEMATIC, one of his projects, shows a part of that feelings. www.diegolara.net, neuropuerto.blogspot.com

Jenn Porreca

Some time ago, porreca moved from the edges of the real world to the edges of the underground. From the outside of the inside they look suspiciously similar. In her other life she walked the straight and narrow, and built this avatar picture pixel by pixel, appropriating images and ideas, dr. frankensteining them together inch by agonizing inch. Every minute she can be, she is here, dancing with cartoon characters and elves and scientists and graffiti-writing apostles and astronauts and experimental musicians. Voraciously looking from behind beneath her netted hat and twiggy eyelashes. She likes this better. In cities worldwide, the eyes of the voyeurs are as ersatz as her identity. By popular demand, jenn's eerie works of urban folklore have been exhibited in both galleries and museums worldwide, and commissioned by some of the largest urban contemporary collectors today.


Gez Fry


Jorge Oswaldo (Vinyl art)


BlueFlip Art

BlueFlip Art sells high-quality, archival giclee prints of great works by emerging artists & illustrators which are priced with the goal to get them into the hands of as many people as possible - most are under $35. Additionally, participating artists get to choose a non-profit charity to donate 10% of the sale price of the print to. They currently benefit the World Wildlife Fund, Greenpeace, The Red Cross and Unicef among many others.


Agence Eureka


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