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needs you:
Do you remember a childhood game called 'Consequences', where you folded some paper and took it in turns to draw a piece of a picture each, finally revealing the final image (or course you cant see what the others have done before it's finished) to reveal an awesome monster or some other bizarre creation?

Anyway, we used to freakin' love this game so it seemed only fitting, when looking for collaborative art project for NewSugar, that we dragged this ugly beast out again; albeit with a 21st century make-over.

Basically WE NEED YOU! Over the coming weeks there will be a brand new area on the NewSugar site where you can download templates and view an interactive/randomising version of the project.However, if you would like to get hold of a template now give us a shout at and we will send you one. All the final pieces will make it into a 'Consequences' special edition.

via David Hughes


Yosiell Lorenzo

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Stephen Chan