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Lorinc Borsos

Finished university and now you should start paying your student loan back?
In debt after partying through your student years?
Don't worry, just paint a picture about it.

This video explains everything:

summary: she paid her student loan back by painting a picture that showed the amount of debt(in Hungarian Forints).

Twitter on Paper
Twitter on Paper is a free service that generates hand-made one-of-a-kind editions of Twitter tweets.
There’s no sign-up, no hidden fees — no fees of any kind — and best of all: you get something real in the mail. For free!

Republic bikes

Eika Dopludo

The Paper Apratment


(this image is a desktop wallpaper. click on it to enlarge)

Walter Krudop

Interview with Walter Krudop:

He is a New York City based artist whose work includes over a dozen published children's books. Works with motion and animation, creating pictures that tell stories for commercial and entertainment projects.

Andrea Daquino

Yiching Lin