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Natalie Pudalov

Natalie Pudalov was born in 1980, in Niznii Novgorod in Russia. In Israel she studied at “Bezalel” Academy of Art & Design, Jerusalem and got her degree in Graphic Design. She also studied illustration in Akademie Der Bildenden Kunste, Stuttgart, Germany.

"I truly believe that illustration can positively affect our mood, broaden our immagination and contribute a lot of charm and beauty to our surrounding. When I illustrate a book I try to create joy and humor which, in my opinion, is one of the most important elements of the art of illustration, and to include them in the general concept of the book. I genuinely thank you for visiting my site. I hope yo’uve enjoyed it and I'd be happy if you could come back once in a while"

Trevor Lake

no link. no link! help!
found here: http://www.theaoi.com/illustration/showphoto.php?photo=1464

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Federico Jordan


Federico Jordán (born 1969) is an award winner editorial and advertising illustrator. His work has been published in numerous commissions in the nation and internationally. Some of these include American Airlines, CHASE Manhattan Bank, Business Week,Harvard Business Review, New York Magazine,among others.
He lives and works in Monterrey, Nuevo León; México and is represented exclusively by Gerald & Cullen Rapp in New York.

Mike Kerr and Renata Liwska


Illustrativo small cards / bookmarks

Today I have received a set of 200 individual (all different!) cards/bookmarks from moo.com.

you can claim yours here: illustrativo@gmail.com or iwantsome@illustrativo.com

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