Camilo Bejarano

Ph7labs is the online presence and portfolio of Camilo Bejarano, designer and illustrator based out of Brooklyn, New York. Ph7labs provides skilled illustrations, print and web design solutions.

Camilo was born and raised in Bogota, Colombia, and at age 16 moved to Boca Raton, Florida. Shortly after college, Camilo began his professional career when forming Abt’s, an award-winning Screen Printing and Design studio. At abt’s, he directed a wide range of projects including corporate branding, print, web and apparel designs.

While directing Abt’s, Camilo began various other projects, including Motusgear, a scuba diving inspired apparel company, and a Hurricane relief organization, which assisted in part to Florida’s Hurricane Relief Fund. FHRF provides relief assistance to victims of hurricanes Frances and Katrina.

In early 2008, he moved to New York City to gain new and different experiences. He now works full time as a graphic designer for (part New York Times Company). Aside from his full time position, he continues to delve into colorful character designs, illustrations, and design projects.

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