Illustrativo Logo Contest

let's draw it

I need a nice and simple new logo for Illustrativo. I'm absolutely open for new ideas, creative crafty options and all kinds of surprises.

If I like your idea your work will be on the top of the page forever...



Anonymous said...


I just discovered your blog, and I'm already in love with it! It's amazing that you're compilating (or however it is said, hehe) so many good ilustrators and artists!

I'll take a deeper look now. You're going in my blogroll! :)

Odessa Begay said...

Hi, I love your tumblr/blog there are so many great artists on here! I've been following it for a while and every day I am impressed by a new and unique entry. I will try to think of a logo this weekend!


illustrativo said...

my tumblr is not working. is the only one that i'm updating every day.

Odessa Begay said...

Oh yeah, for some reason I just think of everything in my reader as a tumblr. Either way I get this blog's updates daily and they're always great!